Aquarium with goldfish

by Manisha G

  Aquarium with full of fishes is considered as very good according to the feng-shui. In feng-shui, certain fishes have got importance. Like, keeping Goldfish in aquarium is considered to be very auspicious.   It is considered to enhance the good luck in the house. If you do not have aquarium at your place due to the various reasons, you do not have to worry, a simple fish bowl will also serve the need, as a fish bowl will occupy the less amount of the space. Fish bowl also has some certain advantages over aquarium, as it can be placed on any surface over the house.

When the question arises, whether the number of the fish in aquarium really matters? then the answer is yes it really matters a lot. According to feng-shui the total number of the Goldfish in the aquarium should be nine. The color of these fishes also really matters. As among the nine fishes, eight should be golden or brown in color and the ninth fish should be black color. These color of fishes also adds the additional beauty to the aquarium.

Many times it happens that any of the fish dies in the aquarium, but during such circumstances you do not need to worry. As the fish which dies, is considered to be taking any of the bad auras or the bad luck along with them. If they were not there, it is considered that the same bad luck or the auras would have affected the member of the family.

Aquarium should always be placed in the Living room or hall area of the house. You should not place it in the Kitchen, toilet area or in the bedroom, as it is considered that it leads to the material loss to the living members of the family staying in the same house.  The ideal place to keep Aquarium in the North or East or South-east area of living area of the  house. Aquarium should never be place on the left side of the door when you face the door from outside towards inside, as it may lead to a roving eye of the male member in the family.

Water and fire are the important elements in the house and the family. If there artifacts or features placed in correct direction can bring the tremendous luck and good fortune, but similarly keeping them in any wrong direction can be fatal. If due to any reasons you are not able to keep the original fishes, then as a substitute you can use blue wallpapers of aqua fauna with the dolphins jumping out of it. But there is no substitute for the actual gold fish.


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Geraldine Mohan December 21, 2013 at 12:05 pm

ok thanks –


salt water aquariums 48088 January 3, 2014 at 3:29 am

This salinity must be maintained with consistent monitoring.

Saltwater fish will often cost more due to the costs associated with collecting and shipping the fish and an
increase in supply-and-demand. The size matters not just for the surface area but also for
the aeration properties.


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