Brooms should be kept hidden

by Manisha G

Cleanliness is maintained mostly in every household and the equipment used to clean the place and keep it tidy are brooms and mops. Brooms and mops are not only used for cleaning the house but they also symbolize the sweeping away of bad and negative energy entering the house. However brooms should be kept hidden especially during the day time because they are considered inauspicious, if exposed to view.

Brooms should not be kept exposed especially in the dining room as dining room signifies food. Hence avoid keeping brooms in the dining room as it will sweep away the food and the earnings of the family.

However keeping brooms exposed is always not inauspicious. If the broom is kept outside the house in the upside down position and facing the main door, it protects your house from intruders. This should be done during the night time but hide the brooms during the day time and keep it out of sight.

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