Clutter clearing

by Manisha G

Many people have the habit of keeping unwanted things and stuffing up their spaces with such things. They neither use it nor throw it away. These things carry no importance and do nothing except for accommodating space. Such unwanted stuff is called clutter.


1. It may be the old clothes that you store, hoping for them to come back to fashion, or which have been given as gifts – expensive ones, but you do not like them, because they are of synthetic material. You do not wear them because of one reason or the other, but you do not throw them away either.

2. Old magazines, paper, clippings from newspapers, old books which you hope may be useful some day but actually more than five years have passed without you having read/used them, even once.

3. Chipped or broken show pieces, etc.

4. Old video cassettes and old audio cassettes.

5. Old appliances which do not work any more.

6. Watches and clocks, that are not working.

7. Junk and old newspapers.

8. Very old account and record books, more than 15 years old.

9. Mental clutter – old emotional and traumatic memories.

Remove all the clutter from your life, if you want to progress. Clutter holds people back, each piece of junk attaches an invisible string to you, and all this hampers progress, because each of these hoarded things occupies a space  (like megabyte of computer memory) of your mind. We have only limited space in the mind and we should not clutter it up. Get rid of all physical and mental clutter, and see how free, comfortable and happy you feel! Just as the same way a Yogi gets rid of social ties for spiritual progress, you should get rid of your extra physical possessions, for materialistic progress! This really helps to move ahead in life and helps to think fresh and new always. Your mind will feel enthusiastic and energetic and will be able to think healthy as it will be clutter free. You will be able to set proper goals in life and will feel fresh enough to achieve your goals.

There is another things that can hinder your progress and you need to get rid of it and that is accumulated dirt and spider webs in the house. Accumulated dirt brings negative vibes in the house. Cleaning the house on regular basis will help keep the dirt away. To get rid of the spiders and their webs, it is very important to maintain sanitation in the house and a regular pest control activity. Do not keep the house messy as it will help spiders to find places to build their webs.

My personal experience says that keeping clutter away really helps in bringing positive vibes. I was a one big messy person who never arranged things in an orderly manner. During my examinations i used to suffer a lot as i never used to find the right things or books, at the right time and at the right place. All thanks to the clutter. The moment i realised where am i going wrong, i thought of correcting myself by clearing the clutter and arranging things in an orderly manner. It took some time but saved a lot of productive time in return.

Another thing you can do after clutter clearing is to light up incense sticks daily in the house, for space clearing. You may even ring a bell after pooja, all over the house – if you like. This spreads positive vibes in the house and bring happy sensations in your life. This helps reduce the stress of the house or family members.

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