Crystal balls for good relationships and romance

by Manisha G

There are many different ways by which the luck can be enhanced in the house. Feng-Shui has introduced to us, a very simple way of enhancing the luck in the house especially for romantic relationships, love, family bonding and well being. Love, romance and relationship are represented by the southwest corner of the house. In order to maintain peace, family bond, love and romantic relationships, it is very important to energize the southwest corner of the house as it has the earth element. We can do this by using Quartz crystals.

Quartz crystals are also known as universal crystals and healing crystals and as the name suggests, these crystals are known for healing the problems of the universe. These crystals are full of energy with high vibrations. Energy can be received, stored, activated, transmitted and amplified by quartz crystals. It helps in stimulating brain functions and all levels of consciousness are activated by it. It is a great source for meditation. It harmonizes the soul. It is known to be a sacred stone.

In order to energize the southwest corner of the house which represents love, romance and relationships, one should place two quartz crystals in this corner. It should be made sure the crystals are natural and genuine. Beware of the fake quartz crystals as placing them will do no good. People happen to use fake crystals, mistaking it for genuine ones and when they see no positive effects, they think this is not at all effective. Hence, Using genuine crystals is very essential.

Activating the southwestern corner of your bedroom with real quartz crystals ensures great harmony and happiness in relationship with your dear ones. However; in order to enhance the relations within the whole family, these crystals can be placed in the living room as well.

Before placing the crystals, it is very important that the crystals should be purified in order to remove the negative energy attached to it if any. This is done by immersing the crystal in the salt water for one week at least. The real quartz crystals can be programmed with the help of the thought process, hence these are especially effective. There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed in order to purify the crystal which is mentioned below:

Take a glass full of water. Put four spoons of unrefined salt in it. Specifically use sea salt. The crystal balls need to be immersed in this salt water for at least one week after which these should be washed in the plain water. It will be more effective if it is washed directly in the flowing tap water. After this take a ceramic saucer and place the washed crystal on it. Keep the saucer in the morning sunlight for three hours.  During this span, you should visualize that your whole family is spending time together with each other and is very happy and smiling.

If you want your daughter-in-law to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby, then imagine that she has already given birth to a healthy and cute baby and is happy in the picture with her complete family. Once this visualization takes place in your mind, lift the crystal from the ceramic saucer and place it in your left palm, covering it with your right palm. You need to then adjure the picture in your mind by closing your eyes and let it be there for a while, say for few seconds. After this process, your crystal will be programmed. You can now place this programmed crystal in your daughter-in-law’s bedroom or as the case may be and experience the effect.

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