Do not Sleep on Double Bed with two Separate Mattresses

by Manisha G

I have come across many couples who were about to get divorced but they wanted to try feng-shui as a last attempt to salvage their relationship before they get separated permanently. There are many different factors that play a very important role in a marital life, one of which is sleeping on double Bed with two Separate Mattresses. As per feng-shui this is supposed to be very harmful for a relationship.

Relationship is as fragile as a glass. Like a crack in a glass is irreparable, if once a relationship is ruined, the loss is irreparable. Even if you then try to make up things, the scars will still be visible.

The best way to avoid such situations in life is to be careful from the initial stage by having the knowledge about things that can cause harm to the relation and avoiding such scenarios.

I personally came across a couple who were facing a similar situation. The husband was a doctor and the wife was a home maker. They had two sweet kids. They lived in a beautiful house that had every facility one desires for. The husband was earning handsomely. The wife took good care of the family and the home. It looked like a small and sweet family every man or woman would dream for. However; there was something that was still missing. And that was the husband and the wife was not able to get along well with each other. Everything else seemed to be fine but their personal relationship was not working as it should have been otherwise. They tried to analyze things from every nook and corner. They wanted to know that despite of everything being fine in their life, what and where exactly things were not working between them. And finally, with the help of fend-shui, they could know the main cause of this problem. They had a double bed; however they were using two single separate mattresses which was spoiling their personal relationship. Sleeping on two different mattresses on a double bed can lead to separation. They had tried everything to make up their relationship and this was their last attempt which actually succeeded. They changed the two mattresses into one single mattress and their life was back on track as they wanted it to be.

Married couples should always make sure that they do not sleep on two different mattresses on a double bed as this could lead to many problems in their marital life. However; if both the husband and the wife are earning members of the family, then sleeping on two separate single beds sometimes becomes necessary and especially when their lucky directions are completely different from each other.

Some things seem to be or sound very small but they make a huge difference in one’s life. Life is not as easy as it looks like. There are many major factors that are easy to consider but there are many minor factors as well which are equally important as the major factors but are normally neglected by people which cause the problems.

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Sheetal February 14, 2014 at 3:43 pm

Thanks for getting me enlightened on this.


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