Effects of growing an orange plant

by Manisha G

Good luck and prosperity are symbolized by orange or lime trees and especially with ripe fruits. Orange or lime plants should be kept at the entrance of the house or office near the door sides. Especially during the new year it is said to be very auspicious to have a lot of bright red oranges around as these oranges symbolize gold and is regarded as an extreme good fortune. An orange plant should be grown in the South-east zone of your garden as this area of the house signifies wealth. So growing an orange plant that is quite fruiting brings a lot of good fortune.

However, it is very difficult to grow an orange plant in the apartment due to the shortage of place, hence an artificial orange plant will also do but it should be placed in the South-east to enhance wealth and prosperity in the house. Now days in the market artificial orange plants are easily available, which are look alike of original ones and look real and beautiful just like the real plants.

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