Effects of keeping dried flowers

by Manisha G

Plants are a useful source of Feng Shui. When used in an office or a home they create excellent yang energy and bring good luck into the home.

Fresh flowers can be displayed in the house, but as soon as they start drying or fading they should be removed or replaced with fresh ones. Fresh flowers symbolize life, whereas dried flowers symbolize death and give out yin energy.  However precious a loved one may be, but still his dead body is not kept in the house. Similarly, anything that represents death or yin energy should not be kept inside the house.

Placing plants in the living room or dining room is better than placing them in the bedroom. But keeping plants in the bedroom of a sick person is extremely good. Fresh plants and flowers emit positive energy and hence are very useful for a sick patient. The physical healing process is very much related to the mental healing process. To be precise, if a person feels strong and healthy mentally, his chances of physical healing gets better. Presence of fresh plants and flowers helps mental healing in a better way as they symbolize liveliness. Whenever we visit a patient in a hospital or house for that matter, we tend to carry fresh flowers. This is not merely a trend that we have to follow. Instead, we do this as the freshness and the beautiful colors of the flowers will help in the mental healing of the patient which in turn will aid the physical healing as well. Artificial i.e. plastic or silk flowers, can be used instead of fresh ones. Dry arrangement of flowers such as pot pourri, etc. should be avoided.

The bright green color of the fresh plants symbolize liveliness. The beautiful colors of the flowers symbolize happiness in a persons life. Even a person who is not much interested in plantation, will experience the positive effect of fresh flowers and the negative effect of the dried flowers in his/her life.

Many people have a habit of keeping dried flowers in their books as a memory. This is not necessary a bad Feng-Shui as the flower may be given by a loved one and you want to cherish that memory by keeping it with you. However it is very important that the flower is kept in a good manner as it would be special and dear to you and it does not become a part of the clutter.

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