Specific characteristics of numbers

by Manisha G

The numbers 1 through 9 represent the full scope of human characteristics. They are the 9 archetypes that, combined in an endless variety, form the basis of each individual’s unique personality in much the same way that just three primal colors form the basis of millions of colors found in this universe.

The 1 is very ambitious and has the capacity to achieve its goals. It does not need any guidance but have their own directions. It is very determined about its actions and trusts its decisions. It is very courageous and also has leadership qualities. It can lead very well without anyone’s help. It has a very unique and masculine personality. It has the capability of starting, originating, innovating, beginning, initiating, etc. It is very stubborn and has a strong point of view, which they like to put forward. It is very independent and unlawful.

The 2 is very sensitive and is easily hurt. It is very softhearted, subtle and feminine personality. It is very gentle and cooperative. They represent diplomacy and are very tactful. It is a good advisor and is very supportive as well. It is loving, caring and humble. It is a music lover and likes to live in harmony always. It loves to live in peace and is believed to be a peacemaker. It has a very lively and springy personality.

The 3 is very enthusiastic of all numbers. It is very self-expressive and loves to communicate. It is very optimistic and think positively. It is very energetic and lives life at its fullest. It highly motivates others, is inspirational and is very creative. It is as bright as the sun. It is an outward moving personality and its energy is often scattered. It is a very inspirational number.

The 4 is the most pragmatic and hardheaded number. It is very timely and punctual. People can easily depend and rely on them, as it is dependable and reliable. It is also very honest and trustworthy. It does not like changes very often, as it is rigid. It works in a very systematic and orderly manner. It follows rituals with full dedication. It forms the base of every endeavor.

The 5 is the most energetic of all numbers. It has the ability to persuade others. It has great selling and promoting skills. It loves adventures, travelling and is very courageous. It likes to experiment and explore different things. It has the capability of handling more than one project at a time. It is quite witty. It is adaptable and resourceful. Distraction is easily possible with a love for pleasure, which is sensual in nature.

The 6 is very lovable. It has a good compatibility with all numbers. It does not have a nature that is too demanding. It knows how to take responsibilities, nurture, protect and take good care. It is very committed and sympathetic. It loves harmony. It has got the healing power and is a good teacher. It has the strength to stand for the one who is weaker. It is interested in art and is very creative. It loves domestic life. It believes in the institution of marriage.

The 7 is an abstract thinker. It believes in spirituality. It has a great ability to analyze, focus, meditate and contemplate. It seeks truth always. It is very intellectual and likes to accumulate knowledge and wisdom. It has a good sense of understanding. It is often detached and self-centered. It is quite satisfied and contended. It is a good philosopher and a preacher. It is very intelligent and intuitive like a scientist.

The 8 is the most powerful of all the numbers. It is money oriented and very ambitious. It believes in achieving the results. Money is a tool for it; however it is very generous too.  It has good the leadership qualities and great business tactics. It dreams and plans big. It has got good management skills. It sees through with the help of the qualities like strength and perseverance. It forgives easily and is broad-minded. It understands others and has a great vision.

The 9 is full of humanity. It is self-sacrificing and puts in efforts without expecting any rewards. It loves art and is creative. It is a genius. It is giving and loves to share and care. It is an idealist, a lawyer, philosopher, writer and a politician. It is noble, royal, and aloof and has the capability to heal. It is a designer.

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