Treatments Done On Coral

by Manisha G

treated-coralDyeing has been used to produce the desire Ox-blood (dark-red) and angel skin (pink without any trace or orange) colours from colourless of pale coloured Corallium and Occulinacea coral. The colour may be applied only in se­lected areas and may be stable or may fade.

Bleaching with 30 percent hydrogen peroxide solution for 12 to 72 used to convert the black varieties of coral to a very attractive golden colour. The stability of this bleached colour with time and exposure to light does not appear to have been studied.

Epoxy type resins have been used to fill the cavities of poor-quality coral thus permitting the shaping and polishing of an otherwise unsatisfactory material coloured coating, has also been used to cover white spots.

Bauer reports, without detail, that large pieces of black coral, being of a horny nature can be molded to form armlets.

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