Why to avoid mirrors in the Bedroom

by Manisha G

Mirror is a very useful substance in our day to day life. Today everyone is very keen on having a robust personality. Every human being wants to look good and impressive as it is a very competitive world we are living in. But the point is who will let us know better as to how are we appearing? The answer to this question is the “mirror”. We can be the best judge for ourselves and we can judge ourselves by seeing our reflection in the mirror. However, the place or the corner where mirror is fixed makes a huge difference as a mirror emits different types of energies both positive and negative and that is decided by the location of the mirror.

It is believed that mirrors emit negative energies if located in the bedroom. This negative energy is all the more bad for a married couple as it is also believed that this negative energy can disturb a healthy marital relationship. This could also lead to an extra marital affair that is a third person entering in the life of a couple who are in a healthy relationship. However if it is still necessary to keep a mirror in the bedroom, then these negative energies emitted out of the mirror can be reduced by taking certain precautions. This can be done either by keeping the mirrors covered with a cloth, by having it built inside the cupboards so that it can be used only when needed. Otherwise, mirrors should be located or placed in such a way that it does not face the bed directly or indirectly. Also there should not be a mirror on the ceiling either. It is also said that television should also not face the bed directly, if it is kept in the bedroom as it also acts like a mirror in showing the reflection. This again will emit negative energies that may create misunderstandings between the couples. However, if one still feels like keeping a television set in the bedroom, then it should be kept covered when it is not being used. In today’s modern world the interiors are done in a very trendy and sophisticated manner. We usually see French windows which are long and hardly a foot above the ground and hence the reflection of the bed is easily seen in the glass of the window if it is located in that manner. Now changing the location of the windows or the pattern of the house completely is not easy so one should make sure to put the curtains. And the curtains should be kept on during the night time or when the couple is sleeping.

The reflection of the bed should not be seen in the mirror by any chance. This is so said because the reflection of the sleeping couple will then be seen in the mirror which is very harmful for a relationship. It may also cause into a permanent separation of the married couple that is this may lead to a divorce mending their ways forever. They may get apart forever. Hence as explained earlier there should either be no mirrors in the bedroom or if they are there, then it has to be in such a position that the reflection of the bed or the sleeping couple is not seen in it. During the night time, the mirrors should specifically be kept out of the sight.

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